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CurrencyPay™ is the payment solution that streamlines the way businesses buy & sell large ticket items. This is the first payment processing service designed around the purchase of equipment, machinery and parts and makes the entire experience simple.

Best of all, earn rebates that transform payment processing into a $$ maker.


The Process

Step 1:
Choose a payment option

Step 2:
Buyer releases funds to seller

Step 3:
Item is shipped based on buyer’s
desired shipment date


Why use CurrencyPay™?

How to Earn Rebates

Everytime someone finances a purchase through Express, you’ll earn rebates that offset your other processing fees. These rebates are meaningful and often exceed what you’d make from a standalone financing partner.

We also reward you for using CurrencyPay™ at the cash register & for recommending us to your vendors & partners.

These savings add up fast & make CurrencyPay™ the most cost-effective payment process on the planet.

Give your customers the convenience of buying online with the payment methods they trust most for purchasing large ticket items.

Give them CurrencyPay™!

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Frequently asked questions

CurrencyPay™ is a game changing online payment solution. It offers an expanded number of payment methods. No where else can you give customers the option of Credit/Debit Card, ACH, Wire or Express Finance. These are the payment methods your clients use most thus making CurrencyPay™ the smoothest most popular payment method today. CurrencyPay™ is very easy to deploy onto your website, in store, or on your mobile phone. You can also issue invoices out of CurrencyPay™ with an embedded payment link that your customers can pay quickly and making it easier for your accountants to reconcile the payment. Best of all, CurrencyPay™ will pay you every time your customers finance a transaction or refer a business to CurrencyPay™. These benefits add up quickly and convert payment processing into a new source of revenue for your business.
Getting started with CurrencyPay™ is simple. One of our Merchant Services Experts will help you assess the areas of your business where offering CurrencyPay™ to customers would be most appropriate and then provide you with the in store payment terminals, website links and mobile apps + card swipe attachments. Using CurrencyPay™ is simple & you’ll have a dedicated account manager to answer any questions you have along the way.
If you are based in the US then your business is eligible for CurrencyPay™. CurrencyPay™ works for any industry but was developed to support large ticket transactions. Companies selling products costing $1K or more find CurrencyPay™ to be the most beneficial. That said, CurrencyPay™ is just as easy to use for transactions of $1. Typically, CurrencyPay™ customers process at least $200K a month in transactions and sell products costing $2.5K+ that clients can opt to finance using Express Finance. These are the businesses that will reap the most benefits from using the CurrencyPay™ platform. Not only is CurrencyPay™ designed to support these larger average ticket sizes but CurrencyPay™ will rebate merchants every time a customer pays with Express Finance. The financing incentives are substantial and CurrencyPay™ rebates quickly become a significant alternate revenue source for these merchants.
CurrencyPay™ was designed to make you more money than your current payment processing solution. We accomplish this by extending to your customers the payment methods they prefer to pay with (Credit/Debit Card, ACH, Wire, Express Finance). By offering clients more payment options you will automatically do more business. CurrencyPay™ takes these benefits even further by making it easy for you to place CurrencyPay™ on your website, instantly converting any site into an ecommerce engine. CurrencyPay™ can also be used from your mobile device and can easily be used to swipe cards via any of the other three payment methods. Best of all, CurrenyPay will rebate merchants every time a customer pays with Express Finance. The financing incentives are substantial and CurrencyPay™ rebates quickly become a significant revenue source for most merchants. The culmination of these benefits makes CurrencyPay™ the most price competitive payment platform in the world.
The administration of CurrencyPay™ from the online portal is straight forward and comes with a real-time dashboard that helps you keep your finger on the pulse of your business. You’ll be able to track payment trends in real-time and the data visualization tools make assessing performance across multiple time frames a cinch. All the information you need to manage payments, deposits, declines & chargebacks are at your finger-tips and accessing this information is seamless.

Yes, you have two options see for more details on Payframe and Payfields.

It takes just a few minutes to determine if CurrencyPay™ is right for your business.

Payment processing is just the beginning

Apply for financing and join thousands of businesses that drive their business with Express Finance.

Takes just minutes to check eligibility

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Checking eligibility will not affect your credit score.*


  • 0% FOR FIRST 90 DAYS
  • 1-5 YEAR TERMS


  • SBA


  • Business within the US
  • With at least a year in business

With offices from coast to coast, you can trust your transactions will be handled with care.

Don’t chase payments. Your invoices should collect the money for you.

With CurrencyPay™ credit/debit cards, ACH, wire & Express Finance™ are just a click away on every invoice. Best of all the meta data of each invoice follows the payment making reconciliation simple for your accounting team.

With CurrencyPay™, you can even allow buyers to schedule payments or split payments into separate but equal quotas. This flexibility means that you can extend payment terms like net-30 or net-60 to customers. It also means you can allow them to make interest free payments that are debited at set intervals like monthly or annually. You decide and CurrencyPay™ makes it easy to set up and straight forward for your customers to opt-in to.

About Us

CurrencyPay™ is a product of Currency Capital. Since 2001, Currency has been revolutionizing the asset purchase industry with leading technology that helps buyers get the payment methods they need faster. Currency has processed over $800 million in business transactions.

Currency is also the founding sponsor of the CEMC (Commercial Equipment Marketplace Council).
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